Interactive Read Alouds

COMING IN JUNE 2017 In this course, you will learn how to maximize the impact of classroom read-alouds. The goal of the course is to enable you to better support students in the development of comprehension skills, vocabulary knowledge, and understanding of literacy conventions while nurturing children's love and enjoyment of reading.


Conducting Text Discussions in
the Elementary Classroom

COMING IN JULY 2017 This course helps teachers and school leaders learn how to enact high quality text-based discussions so they can support students as they work through increasingly difficult texts. All of the approaches to reading comprehension endorsed by leading literacy scholars are discussion based. Learn how to maximize the impact of these discussions as you support students in becoming sophisticated text comprehenders.


"OpenLiteracy® was life changing this year. I really valued its vision of authentically teaching students how to become independent readers and writers. I feel like I have really grown in my own practice this year through taking on a different perspective of how kids learn best."

Tessa Mizokami
Second Grade Teacher, California