Easy Ways to Build Literacy Skills: Quick Word Games!

One of the most important things you can do is talk with your child. Talk supports your child’s literacy development by building their vocabulary, their knowledge of how language works, and their awareness of language sounds.

During the course of your day, there are often moments when you need to fill the time — during a car or bus ride, while you are waiting for the doctor, or while you are walking to school. Below are a few quick literacy games that will spur conversation with your child and develop crucial literacy skills along the way!

  • Find a . . . . . Can you find a…(horse, cow, stop sign, skyscraper, ambulance, truck, etc.)

  • How many . . . .How many traffic lights will we see on our drive?

  • Color challenge . . . . Can you find three (purple) things?

  • Alphabet hunt. . . . Can you find the letter (S)

  • Letter sound game . . . . Can you think of a word that starts with the sound /b/ (as in b)

  • Rhyme Time . . . . How many words can we think of that rhyme with (cat)

These games are quick and fun and can support the development of important beginning reading skills.

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