Creating a Print Rich Environment


Many parents wonder how they can organize books in their home to help develop their child’s literacy skills. In the classroom, this is called “creating a print rich environment”. You can create a print rich environment right in your home, too! Below are six ideas to get you started:

  • Have multiple places where your child can access books (bedroom, playroom, living room)

  • Have children’s books on low bookshelves

  • Have small baskets of books where you don’t want a bookshelf

  • Post a calendar and make lists so that literacy is seen as an everyday practice

  • Talk about written items that you use and see (menus at restaurants, recipes, signs you see on stores or while driving)

  • Imagine ways in which you can add print materials to your children’s play spaces. Does the play restaurant need a writing tablet? Are their building directions for a construction toy that children could read?

Creating a print rich environment at home has many benefits!  Making books and other literacy materials readily available reinforces the idea that print has many purposes, provides your child with easy access to print materials, and helps your child recognize the role of print in their everyday life!

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