OpenLiteracy® consulting services are focused on supporting literacy teachers and school leaders to implement instruction, make informed curriculum decisions, and create leaders in their organization. Our services are tailored to your organization's needs and also include direct service to students.


Literacy Coaching • School Leader Development • One-On-One & Small Group Instruction
Literacy Audit • New Teacher Coaching • Customized Workshops • Curriculum Solutions


Select Current and Past Clients

National Center for Teacher Residencies, Chicago, IL  | Montessori for All, Austin, TX  | LightSail Education, New York, NY  | TeachingWorks, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI  | Rocketship Education, San Jose, CA & Milwaukee, WI  | Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ  |  Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Measures of Effective Teaching Project, Teacher Knowledge Strand  |  TeachDETROIT Summer Learning Institute, Detroit, MI  | Deans for Impact, Austin, TX  |  Pearson, Los Angeles, CA  |  Boston Teacher Residency, Boston, MA

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